live wedding painting


On the day of your wedding, I will arrive at the venue one to two hours before the ceremony begin to set up my easel and begin laying in composition. I will work throughout the ceremony to capture the essence and moment that you have envisioned. I will continue to paint throughout the reception, providing your guests an unique experience.

At the end of the wedding I will take the painting back to allow it to dry, and to put on some finishing touches. Your finished painting will be mailed or hand delivered to you.


​A finished painting of your wedding in acrylic created with archival, museum-quality materials, ensuring an heirloom that will last for generations.

4-6 hours of on-site live painting, providing entertainment for your guests.

​A virtual or in person meeting with me before wedding so that we can talk about your painting. I will answer any questions, and we can ensure that everything turns out the way you are envisioning.

blue fabric loveseat
blue fabric loveseat

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